Every business wants to be a customer's first choice. Building and managing a brand can play a significant part in making that happen.

Almost every business has a trading name, from the smallest market trader to the largest multi-national corporation. Only a minority of those businesses however have what could be classed as a 'brand' or a 'brand name'

There are many different definitions of a brand, the most effective description is that a brand is a name or symbol that is commonly known to identify a company or its products and separate them from the competition. The concept of a brand however extends far beyond just your company logo, it represents your business core values and to every interaction you have with customers and suppliers. In effect, your brand creates and maintains your reputation and so reflects your customers' experiences of your organisation. A brand is really your organisation's reputation - its 'personality'.

Customers and employees can build up emotional attachments to certain brands, allowing for strong loyalties and even a sense of ownership. This can help maintain employee motivation and increase your sales but it can also cause problems if you don't consult these stakeholders as your business grows.

If your business sells products that are often bought on impulse, a customer recognising your brand could mean the difference between no-sale and a sale. Even if the customer was not aware that you sell a particular product, if they trust your brand, they are likely to trust you with unfamiliar products. If a customer is happy with your products or services, a brand helps to build customer loyalty across your business

A strong brand will project an image of a large and established business to your potential customers. People usually associate branding with larger businesses that have the money to spend on advertising and promotion. If you can create effective branding, then it can make your business appear to be much bigger than it really is. An image of size and establishment can be especially important when a customer wants reassurance that you will still be around in a few years time

If your business has a strong brand, it allows you to link together several different products or ranges. You can put your brand name on every product or service you sell, meaning that customers for one product will be more likely to buy another product from you

Our team at newleaf marketing communications believe that a brand is a living thing, as consultants, our aim is to help new brands survive and grow by thinking about how the brand is different and how this can be supported by its positioning, visual and verbal language so that it connects with the target audience. This is the art of branding.

Whether you are a start up business or a well established company, our company branding services will give your organisation a stylish identity to make the right impression with your clients. Every client has unique requirements and our company branding services are flexible to accommodate your individual circumstances. We can either refresh your existing branding or give your business a completely new identity.

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